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The West Coast Olympus Leather community is an extremely diverse group of people ranging from the MC/Leather/Levi clubs to the heaviest SM edge player in CA, OR, WA, AK & HI.


2017 West Coast Ms Olympus Leather - Kitty Sjofn

2017 West Coast Mr. Olympus Leather - Bill

2016 West Coast Mr. Olympus Leather - Anthony

2016 West Coast Mr Olympus Leather Anthony

Anthony Harmon was raised on a small ranch in a northern Florida town called Alford. He was raised by his Native American Father and German Immigrant Mother. He has endured a lot in his childhood such as mental, physical and sexual abuse from his father. He dealt with hiding it from everyone including his mother by skateboarding and writing and playing music. After his mother died knowing that he never belonged in that small town he joined the Army and traveled the world and saw more combat and conflict then he thought he would. After 4 years he switched branches to the Navy to get a more technical job, but was outed as gay and discharged. After he was discharged he met his husband Don Harmon and has been with him ever since. Once the repeal of don’t ask don’t tell he then rejoined the Army National Guard. After 3 years was diagnosed with PTSD and was then discharged medically. He is no stranger to the San Diego Leather Community. He has been a strong force and advocate in the Community for the last 11 years. He was Mr. San Diego Leather First Runner Up 2011 and was Den Daddy for multiple contests. He was involved with the newly formed Leather Boys of San Diego as President for 2 years and is currently the Executive Producer for the California Drummer Competition. Anthony has also been involved with the San Diego Gay Rodeo for 14 years and has held the title of Mr. San Diego Rodeo 2006, 2008, and 2009, and was also an International Gay Rodeo Association Judge for 5 years, and is the host of San Diego cigar and boots at the Redwing, and Flogging Fridays and Beat your Drum Fetish night at the San Diego Eagle.

2016 West Coast Ms. Olympus Leather - Pixy

Pixy is your current Ms. West Coast Olympus Leather. She identifies as a dominant switch. Pixy has a passion for learning, service and most recently, educating. Her journey into the BDSM/Kink community begun in the fall of 2011 in a conservative Midwestern town. Up on her return to California in the summer of 2014, she found the Leather community, and in it, she found a home. She has dedicated herself to service in any way possible, while growing and evolving in turn. She has been able to utilize the platform of her title to travel and educate women on PrEP awareness. Pixy has a passion in giving back while supporting community that has given her so much by its existence as well as supporting near and dear causes close to home. Her service looks a little different with every endeavor, some have been strictly monetary, others take moments of my time and yet others have meant so much more. Some of these impactful experiences include, Veterans Airlift Command, DomCon Los Angeles, San Diego Pride, Long Beach Pride, The Leather Realm, Mr. LA Leather, Inland Empire Leather Ambassadors, Ms. LA Leather, DM at Sanctuary Studios LAX, and many bar events. Pixy is currently under consideration for Circle DayBreak. Circle DayBreak is Kinky Family, comprised of Dominant women, established in 2011 to provide one another a safe space to learn and experience their Kinky grove. This safe space, she explains, has allowed her to evolve from like-mindedness to finding a true expression in needle play wax play as well other forms of heavy to sensual styles of flogging, caning and spanking. She does needle play demos and wax demos whenever possible. She enjoys dominating to others, needle play, spanking, canes, crops, fisting, wax play, fire play, and flogging.

2015 West Coast Ms. Olympus Leather - Ming Destiny

2015 West Coast Ms. Olympus Leather Ming Destiny

I started my official journey into leather 26 years ago, in 1988, I was living in London and some friends of mine started a club called Torture Garden.When I moved back to the United States I found that I was looking for more from an S&M club and that is where I found Butchmanns Academy and was introduced to a more structured way of living my Kink lifestyle.

When I moved to Hawaii I missed leather community... The island was so small and back then there was no fetlife, and no local community, but as luck would have it I became partners with the amazing Lee Harrington and was able to travel several times a year to attend my favorite kink and leather events I took what I learned there and brought it home to Maui. The community in Maui has grown by leaps and bounds. We created an amazing international event called Leather & Leis, we also host community events, and spiritual rituals with some of the finest, funnest kinkiest people I have ever met. These people are the gold of my soul, I am very glad to be able to call them my family.

One of the things I would like to help influence in our community is all the infighting. I researched and wrote the Conflict Resolution Guidelines for my own community and it has been adapted many times, by many communities, what I would like to do as a holder of this title is to offer my services as a peace facilitator and mediator to any communities with conflict.

2015 West Coast Mr. Olympus Leather - Matthew Mullins

Photo by Dusti Cunningham {dusticunningham.com}
matthew mullens by dusi cunningham

In July of 2015 Matthew Mullins became the 3rd Mr West Coast Olympus Leather. He is a professional writer, event photographer and event promotor/bartender for Bullet Bar. He lives with his Master, Dan Lovell, and serves him as a pup and a slave, and he flags yellow, light blue, and hunter green. In 2014, he joined the ranks of the Los Angeles Band of Brothers after winning Mr. Bullet Leather 2014. He continued his journey by winning Southern California Leather Boy 2014, and was 1st runner up at the International Leather Sir/boy competition in Dallas. Then the following summer he ran and picked up the title of Mr. West Coast Olympus 2015. With the titles and exposure, he has been able to raise thousands for charities such as, APLA, AIDS Lifecycle, St Judes Research Hospital, LA Gay & Lesbian Center, Paws LA, Tom of Finland Foundation, and many more. In 2015, He is seen as an advocate for the pup lifestyle in Los Angeles, and co-created the first ever Los Angeles Puppy Pride Weekend this past November. He also has been a speaker at Avatar, teaching ‘old guard’ the ways of puppy play. He will ride in AIDS Lifecycle for the second time next June.

2014 West Coast Mr. Olympus Leather - Dave Faunce

Mr. West Coast Olympus Leather 2014 Dave Faunce was born in Los Angeles, this created a kindred spirit and unique connection to the City of Angeles.

His first leather experience happened in 1990 at the Gauntlet Bar in LA where he was exposed to the hardcore "Old Guard" leather traditions and values. That experience was the beginning of his raunchy Leatherman journey towards becoming a kinky Angelino himself. Dave states, “This city has a strong and vibrant leather community with so much history, and I’m proud to be part of it.”

Dave was Mr. Bullet Leather 2012 and utilized his title for fundraising and charity work for his fellow brothers and community as well as just to party and have fun. Dave brought and continues to bring the raw and nasty elements back into the LA scene and events.
 He was inducted into the LABB in 2012 and stated, “I am one lucky man to be assimilated into a brotherhood of great men.“

Dave is also a member and vice president of the oldest and longest running gay organization in the world, The Satyrs Motorcycle Club. “Riding a Harley Davidson and being a gay biker in California is a dream come true. Being in the Satyrs M/C is like having the family you always dreamed of.“

Dave is a rocker with sophistication and class. Beverly Hills is where Dave has been a stylist since 2004 creating styles from the classic look to the avant-guard. “This city has been good to me, I found love, family, career and community. I feel my journey has just begun.“

2008 West Coast Ms. Olympus Leather - Mina Fatale

Mina de Sade Fatale, 1st runner up, Int'l Olympus Leather at 2008 Pantheon, Chicago, Il.

mina fatale olympus fantasy 2008

Ms. Mina de Sade Fatale, 2008 Ms. West Coast Olympus Leather Titleholder competed in this years International Olympus Leather Competition held during the 2008 Pantheon of Leather in Chicago, Il. Coming in first runner up to Mistress Sabrae Michaels of Alabama. This was an amazing showing for Mina as it was her first international competition.

Mina continues her educational and travel schedule throughout the US, making appearences at Long Beach and Los Angeles Pride festivals as well as teaching medical play safety at Dungeon Servitus in San Diego, CA. Mina Fatale will be at DomCon Atlanta, along with International Olympus Leather 2008 Mr and Ms Title holders Andrew Love and Mistress Sabrae.

Well done Mina!

2008 West Coast Mr. Olympus Leather - Andrew Love

2008 West Coast Olympus Leather Andrew Love

Andrew Love, founder and producer of the Rocky Mountain Rebellion, made his way into the Salt Lake Leather community at 25 and immediately knew he had found home and family. Andrew has held the title of Mr. West Coast Olympus Leather 2008 and International Mr. International Olympus Leather 2008 and has devoted his time and energy into making his community the best it can be, upholding his own values of the necessity of “giving back”. His focus on education is apparent by the broad list of classes he has taught, among them being Discipline and Punishment, Blood Play and Play Piercing. His teaching style is interactive and fun, reflective of his easy manner and ever present twisted sense of humor. He has served as a Headmaster for Leather Quest Salt Lake City 2012-2015. Headmaster for The Path Salt Lake City from 2007-2008. In 2014 Andrew co-founded the International Person of Leather competition, which is held at Sin in the City in Las Vegas.

2008 West Coast Ms. Olympus Leather at Von Gutenberg Burlesque

2008 ms west coast olympusMadame S/R/N is a Lifestylist of the Fetish , BDSM , and Kink world for over 13yrs. She is currently a educator , Rubber Go-go dancer , BDSM performance artist , Domme and Fetish Model of the BDSM , Heavy Rubber and Latex lifestyle .  Her concentrations and background are Heavy Rubber , Containment fetish , Uniform , Smoking , Femme Domination, Encasement , Medical Fetish/Bondage and Fetish Burlesque . Ms. S/R/N has been seen @ Club Dungeon L.A. , Bondage Ball L.A. , Club Sanctus LA. , Confession LA., Batcave L.A. and Frightmare club L.A.  She was the former Ms. West Coast Olympus Leather 2008 & 2009 and 1st runner up Ms.International Olympus Leather 2008 . Madame Sadist Rubber has been a performer , educator and living the kink , fetish , bdsm life for over 13years and counting.

Burlesque and Rubber, how do you combine both?

I am what I am …. a Rubber go-go … I been dancing and strutting my shininess for over 13 yrs . I usually in pvc or zentia when I dance .. but now it is time to combine My 2 guilty pleasures / Sins …. Rubber and Dance.. Rubber is my skin .. it clings and molds as if you were born with it on …. In burlesque it is a sultry , active display of showing one true nature.. You are exposing ones inner and outer sexual persona …. This is a way for me to show both .. I feel my sexiest in Heavy Rubber and latex.. Since I love being a tease on the dance floor and stage back home in L.A. I want to bring the 2 most sexiest things that are within myself .. Burlesque and Rubber … I want to show that one can dance , tease , and taunt with out having to peel her skin to show the inner her !.

2008 West Coast Olympus Leather Winners - Mina Fatales & Andrew Love


The First West Coast Olympus Leather Title holders were named at the 2008 DomCon LA Event on Saturday evening after a fun filled competition filled with fantasy's from each of the contestants that spand an emotional gamit. Three contestants made us laugh, shocked us with hate and anger then quickly saved us with an embrace and just made us hot and bothered! IMHO. :)

west coast olympus 2008 winners

Andrew this years Mr. Title Winner performed a “coming of age” enactment that embraced acceptance, growth and education. Andrew is from Salt Lake City, Utah and was supported by a sizeable contingent from the region that made this girl smile to see the support of a brother from such a small leather community.

Mina Fatale our Ms. Title winner, the only female entrant this year, performed a rubber clad fetish fantasy filled with military precision and bdsm goodness, with her girl hypatia that left our MC's speachless but for the "I don't even like girls, but that was hot". Mina is from the Echo Park area of Los Angeles and is quite involved in the education of her community on topics such as Safe Scening, Medical Play, Mummification and puppy play. She is a devout Leather Daddi with a small growing poly family in Southern California.

IMHO these two will take the Olympus Leather message back to their communities and do their best to spread the word of acceptance, love and education. Congratulations Mina and Andrew!







Victor Tella - honorable mention as 2008 West Coast Olympus Leather contestant


Mr. International Olympus Leather 2008 Andrew Love to speak at DomCon Atlanta

Posted on September 25, 2008 by Miss Vonn


Andrew Love, Mr. International Olympus Leather 2008 will be teaching two classes at DomCon Atlanta (Oct 9-13 in Atlanta, GA). His first class is on Blood Play. I personally can attest to the passion Andrew has for this form of power exchange. I hesitate to call what this man does "play" as the both of us view it with some sincere reverence. After having attended his piercing class in Las Vegas, NV last June I am eagerly awaiting to attend this class. Andrew enjoys educating members of the community how to be as safe as possible while participating in what is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous forms of bdsm "play". His passion for medical and blood play is definitely the communitys benefit this year in Atlanta, surely a class not to be missed.

The second class he will be instructing is Building a Better Flogger. Again, having the honor of getting to know this man has allowed me the opportunity to throw some of his floggers and they are not only beautifully constructed, they have a wonderful balance and swing. This class is sure to be of interest to anyone who is interested in construction of their own floggers.

Andrew will also be sitting in on the Male Dom Discussion Group panel.

Andrew's counterpart, Mistress Sabrae Michaels, Ms. International Olympus Leather 2008, will also be teaching Mummification and Corseting classes this year at DomCon Atlanta.

Andrew Love Wins Mr. International Olympus Leather at 2008 Pantheon, Chicago, Il.

Posted on August 1, 2008 by Miss Vonn, Photo: Dave Rhodes, The Leather Journal

International Olympus Leather 2008 winners.jpg

Andrew Love, 2008 West Coast Olympus Leather Titleholder competed and won this years International Olympus Leather Competition held during the 2008 Pantheon of Leather in Chicago, Il. His competition was tough, with competitors who came from all over the U.S. and Canada.

Andrew has put his own business Sin Crafters, on hold this year to make time for his planned travel schedule including, SLC Pride, Classes in Las Vegas and DomCon Atlanta in October.

Congratulations Andrew!



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