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2018 WCOL Contestants

Ferris Oxide (MX)

201806080022th721 5337664923081 34721063 10155420654007882 8470051858516279296 nI am Ferris Oxide, (They/Them), Queer, Kinky, Switch, Intersectional feminist, Trans, Disabled, and Kitchen table polyamorous. I am also parent to an amazing dog-child, Wingnut. I am an English professor and PhD student. I'm blunt, quirky, and honest. I value integrity and heart above all else and I'm passionate about "being the person I needed when I was younger.” I help queer youth develop their leadership potential and advocate for themselves effectively.

When I am not teaching or scening, I am a diversity a trainer who works with colleges, youth organizations, and health organizations to improve their ability to support LGBTIQA individuals. I also do this on my campus where I serve as the faculty advisor for Queers and Allies. In this position, I empower young adults to follow their interests in leadership, relationships, sexuality, gender, and help them develop their communication skills. I also run a monthly polyamorous gathering in Long Beach that centers queer individuals but welcomes all those who are friendly and agree to be respectful of the individuals in attendance. Poly Gatherings Long Beach provides a safe and welcoming space to those exploring non-monogamy.

I found kink because of my early interest in electric play and eventually the kink community lead me to leather. I never felt like I fit in because I don’t have leather family and as a community that is built on binary gender identities, I felt like there wasn’t a space for me. So when this title came up, it seemed natural to run for it.

Rayna Kitten (Ms)

201806071536th721 9254765057834 raynaAfter discovering the SF Citadel one rainy March day in 2006, Rayna fell down the never ending rabbit hole that is Leather, BDSM, and Kink. Since then she has found the Kink community where her travels have taken her. Through her service at events such as Leather Reign in Seattle, she found the Hard Pink Sisterhood and became patched member . Most of her time is spent at her LA Leather home, as part of the DM Team at Sanctuary LAX, and Staff member at DomCon LA. Her deepest joy is in providing service to her extended Leather Family and wider Community. In her day to day life, Rayna is a Birth and Postpartum Doula, Child Birth & Lactation Educator, Massage Therapist, Birth & Breastfeeding Rights Activist. In her heart of hearts shes just a class 5 Hurricane poured into a service girl.

Fifi LaFille (Mr)

201805041158th722 7334833004001 21687650 2439484916277380 3462053850049250037 n 2FiFi was born in the 3rd stall of the 1st floor bathrooms of the Casino de Monte Carlo and was quickly abandoned at the doorsteps of L'Orphelinat de Cannes. She grew up a child of the streets, learning the hard lessons of the world in the different cultural capitals of Europe. However, at some point in her early twenties she found herself back on the Cote d'Azur catering to the needs of various Sheiks and Russian Oligarchs, spending her leisure time on the multi-million dollar yachts found in the harbor. Finding it harder to keep a steady clientele that were up to her standards, she moved to Los Angeles, in hopes of becoming a Hollywood Star. She can however be found most nights working the corner of Orange and Santa Monica Blvd.

Lady Kasia Amarande (Ms)

201805251404th721 7266643007741 kasia1I am Lady Kasia Amarande. I began my journey in the lifestyle almost 10+ years ago when I first realized what the link community and Leather community were. I later underwent extensive training and upbringing within the lifestyle by the late Master Chuck Hicks of Atlanta through Old Guard. I now run my own house, House of the Ornate, while serving the kink/fetish/Leather as a mentor and teacher for those entering into the lifestyle(s). Along with these, I assist as a staff member for DomCon and myself and household act as supporting members to Sanctuary and their events. 

I am also an Active Duty U.S. Sailor, stage performer, professional Cosplayer, and run my own charity convention.

Apple (Mx)

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Apple grew up in a small town in South Texas, having no gay role models or knowing what it was to be fabulous. It wasn’t till after coming out while deployed to Iraq, while serving in the Army; and then moving to LA a few years later, was when he found out what is was like to explore your sexuality and have fun doing so. Apple identifies as a Butch Clown/C-Sucking Leather Queen who is a Disabled Combat Army Veteran who has been part of LA’s Leather & BDSM Community since 2010, after joining the LA Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and finding out there is a fun, kinky world out there. Apple dedicates his life to fighting for the little guy and giving those in the fringes of the community, those that don’t fit in one of the expected boxes, a voice at the table.

Apple currently serves the Greater LA Community as an Advisor for the LA Homeless Services Authority, as the Board Secretary for the LA Leather Coalition, as a Fully Professed Member of the LA Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, has the distinct honor of being the first Nun to join the Men of ONYX, (where is a Full Brother of the SoCal/Southwest Chapter) and for the past 4 years has served on the LA Leather Pride Planning Committee Apple is a VA Certified Peer Support Specialist, helping those in need, and linking them with services and resources. In his day job Apple is a Grant Compliance/Internal Auditor for one of the largest nonprofits in LA responsible for 17 Veteran Programs in LA & Orange Counties.


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