2008 West Coast Ms. Olympus Leather at Von Gutenberg Burlesque

2008 ms west coast olympusMadame S/R/N is a Lifestylist of the Fetish , BDSM , and Kink world for over 13yrs. She is currently a educator , Rubber Go-go dancer , BDSM performance artist , Domme and Fetish Model of the BDSM , Heavy Rubber and Latex lifestyle .  Her concentrations and background are Heavy Rubber , Containment fetish , Uniform , Smoking , Femme Domination, Encasement , Medical Fetish/Bondage and Fetish Burlesque . Ms. S/R/N has been seen @ Club Dungeon L.A. , Bondage Ball L.A. , Club Sanctus LA. , Confession LA., Batcave L.A. and Frightmare club L.A.  She was the former Ms. West Coast Olympus Leather 2008 & 2009 and 1st runner up Ms.International Olympus Leather 2008 . Madame Sadist Rubber has been a performer , educator and living the kink , fetish , bdsm life for over 13years and counting.

Burlesque and Rubber, how do you combine both?

I am what I am …. a Rubber go-go … I been dancing and strutting my shininess for over 13 yrs . I usually in pvc or zentia when I dance .. but now it is time to combine My 2 guilty pleasures / Sins …. Rubber and Dance.. Rubber is my skin .. it clings and molds as if you were born with it on …. In burlesque it is a sultry , active display of showing one true nature.. You are exposing ones inner and outer sexual persona …. This is a way for me to show both .. I feel my sexiest in Heavy Rubber and latex.. Since I love being a tease on the dance floor and stage back home in L.A. I want to bring the 2 most sexiest things that are within myself .. Burlesque and Rubber … I want to show that one can dance , tease , and taunt with out having to peel her skin to show the inner her !.