Mr WCOL 2019 - Wilson Raiser

wilsonWilson Raiser was born in 1955 in Sacramento CA and raised in Rancho Cordova.
"I had no idea i was gay until i was out of college, i knew i was different but i matured very late.
i went to my first leather bar in 1982. i hated other gay bars i had been to, but when i walked in after 3 nights of sitting outside watching the hot MEN go in and out finally got the nerve to walk in i didn't have any leather not even a jacket....but i belonged there....made a lot of mistakes like wearing chaps that i bought with a knitted sweater and tennis shoes, and a hot leather man decided i needed training. He took me under his mentoring, but i pulled away because i was pursuiing an acting career and wanted nothing to distract from that. i was a professional actor for 30 + years and lived in 2 different worlds. I also didn't really like sex but but was turned on by the fetish. So i drifted for a long time but never connected. i had a lot of guilt about the way i felt, so for 30 years used meth to have sex, increase pain limits and please men. but no relationships....i was a functioning meth user and could go long period of times without it. but i had the gordion knot of sex and drugs wound so tight.
i finally realized i had to learn to have kinky leather sex and enjoy it without drugs, so i emersed back into the leather community and started learning. and i have thus far been successful not a long time but know the knot is broken...since moving to palm springs i now live a leather life, and have found a Dom that i lust love, so have a relationship for the first time in my life. but i see also a need for the leather community to accept more and be more inclusive it can only make us stronger to do great charity work and educate.