MX WCOL 2018 - Ferris Oxide

Ferris Oxide, (They/Them), Queer, Kinky, Switch, Intersectional feminist, Trans, Disabled, and Kitchen table polyamorous. I am also parent to an amazing dog-child, Wingnut. I am an English professor and PhD student. I'm blunt, quirky, and honest. I value integrity and heart above all else and I'm passionate about "being the person I needed when I was younger.” I help queer youth develop their leadership potential and advocate for themselves effectively.

When I am not teaching or scening, I am a diversity a trainer who works with colleges, youth organizations, and health organizations to improve their ability to support LGBTIQA individuals. I also do this on my campus where I serve as the faculty advisor for Queers and Allies. In this position, I empower young adults to follow their interests in leadership, relationships, sexuality, gender, and help them develop their communication skills. I also run a monthly polyamorous gathering in Long Beach that centers queer individuals but welcomes all those who are friendly and agree to be respectful of the individuals in attendance. Poly Gatherings Long Beach provides a safe and welcoming space to those exploring non-monogamy.

I found kink because of my early interest in watersports and eventually the kink community lead me to leather. I never felt like I fit in because I don’t have leather family and as a community that is built on binary gender identities, I felt like there wasn’t a space for me. So when this title came up, it seemed natural to run for it. I love breaking down oppressive structures, especially binaries.