After discovering the SF Citadel one rainy March day in 2006, Kitten fell down the never ending rabbit hole that is Leather, BDSM, and Kink. Since then she has found the Kink community where her travels have taken her. Through her service at events such as Leather Reign in Seattle, she found the Hard Pink Sisterhood and became patched member . Most of her time is spent at her LA Leather home, as part of the DM Team at Sanctuary LAX, and Staff member at DomCon LA. Her deepest joy is in providing service to her extended Leather Family and wider Community. In her day to day life, Kitten is a Birth and Postpartum Doula, Child Birth & Lactation Educator, Massage Therapist, Birth & Breastfeeding Rights Activist. In her heart of hearts shes just a class 5 Hurricane poured into a service girl.